When is the Chemtech Drake Coming Back in League of Legends?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

When is the Chemtech Drake coming back in League of Legends? The Chemtech Drake was recently removed from the game after players complained the drake was too powerful in its current state. The Chemtech Dragon was added into the game during preseason 2022 and had been receiving nerfs every patch since its release.

Riot Games introduced the Chemtech Dragon with several jungle changes to the game. Before being disabled in the game, the Chemtech Drake's buff granted a team up to 6% bonus damage per stack against enemies with more current health. The Chemtech Soul revived champions for four seconds and made revived players to deal 40% less damage.

The Chemtech buff was too powerful and in need of change. However, there have been mixed feelings in the League of Legends community about the removal of the Chemtech Drake. Some players are thrilled that the drake was taken out of the game, while others are upset with how this will affect current professional games.

When is the Chemtech Drake Coming Back in League of Legends?

As of now, Riot Games has no official return date for the Chemtech Drake. The drake was removed on Jan. 24 and will be redesigned in order to be put back in the game.

A few players have mentioned on Twitter how happy they were to hear that Riot listened to their feedback, and pulled the Chemtech Drake out of the game. On the other hand, players were upset that such a big change had to be made.

As the new season has recently started, so has the professional season. Currently, the LCS, LEC and LCK have been playing games in the first tournament of the season. With the Chemtech Drake being disabled in the middle Patch 12.2, this could cause real problems for professional teams.