When is the DayZ Server Wipe?

Bohemia Interactive

DayZ is set to receive its next update and with it comes a full server wipe. Here's what you need to know.

Developers Bohemia Interactive are gearing up to release the 1.19 update across the stable versions of the game. Players have already had the chance to check out the new changes through DayZ's Experimental servers. Following player feedback, the update is set to release into the main game.

This update addresses a variety of bugs and exploits, many of which were used to unfairly gain an advantage over other players. More character features have also been added, including an on-screen bleeding indicator to make cuts more noticeable as well as changes to character movement.

In preparation for the update, DayZ will undergo a full wipe which will effect the map and characters in both Chernarus and Livonia. Community servers have also been advised to do the same.

When is the DayZ Server Wipe?

Providing everything goes smoothly, Bohemia are planning to release the 1.19 update on Oct. 18 across all platforms. While not specified, its assumed that the server update will occur on the same date.

While many might be frustrated with the full map wipe, especially given how much work it is to create a stable base in-game, the magnitude of changes heading to characters, vehicles, and locations — particularly in the Livonia DLC — appear to justify the decision.

DayZ is available to play across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam.