When is the Diablo II Resurrected Beta?

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard

The Diablo II Resurrected Alpha is live, and only a select few players have the chance to play the alpha by signing up on the game's official website.

Many fans who don't get access to the Alpha test of the game are left wondering if they'll get a chance at the beta. With that, here's what we know about the Diablo II Resurrected beta.

When is the Diablo II Resurrected Beta?

Currently there is no information from Blizzard on a beta for the upcoming Diablo II, Resurrection. If you want to participate in the Alpha testing of the game, you can sign up on the official Diablo II: Resurrected website. According to Blizzard, the sign-up is only available when testing opens, or shortly before testing starts. 

Diablo II Resurrected is available for pre-purchase now, with an official release date not yet announced.