When is the Halo Infinite Roadmap Releasing?

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

When is the Halo Infinite roadmap Releasing?

With Halo Infinite's inaugural content season continuing to chug along beyond 343 Industries' initial ideal timeline of around three months, players remain eagerly waiting on an update on the status of Season 2, as well as the promised Campaign Co-op and Forge modes. As such, here is the breakdown on when more information from 343 Industries on the Halo Infinite roadmap is expected to drop.

When is the Halo Infinite Roadmap Releasing?

On Monday, Head of Creative at 343 Industries Joseph Staten shed some light on what the Halo Infinite dev team has been up to.

"Hey folks," Staten said on Twitter. "In November, I said we'd have a #HaloInfinite update on our Seasonal roadmap, Co-Op, and Forge in January. We need more time to finalize our plans so what we share is something you can rely on. This work is my top priority, and we'll have an update as soon as we can."

As it stands, it appears the plan remains to be that campaign co-op will be added to Halo Infinite in Season 2, and Forge in Season 3 another three months after that.

At the time of writing, no official release date has been announced just yet from 343 Industries, but we do have a general window of when to expect it, as well as some changes that will be a part of it.

According to the current Battle Pass, Halo Infinite Season 1 should end on May 2, 2022, meaning Season 2 should launch around then.

Thanks to 343 head of design Jerry Hook, we also know that Halo Infinite multiplayer players will be able to earn Credits in the Season 2 Battle Pass for use in the in-game shop to buy items, cosmetics, and even a new Battle Pass.