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When is the Next League of Legends Champion Coming Out?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends preseason 2022 has been giving players a preview of what season 12 will look like next year. As the preseason goes on, does Riot Games have any plans of releasing the next League of Legends champion?

This year, Riot introduced four new champions into the game: Viego, Gwen, Akshan and Vex. According to the Champion Road Map notes, Riot had given themselves a goal of releasing one champion for each role every year, with the exception of releasing two mid laners.

Unfortunately, Riot Games has been unable to reach that goal, but it's continuously working on new champions that are well-balanced for League of Legends.

When is the Next League of Legends Champion Coming Out?

Riot had plans to release a new AD Carry and support at the end of this year as different events came out but noticed that they did not fit the theme of the event. Rather than changing the direction of these new champions, Riot has decided to wait to release them.

In the roadmap, Riot hints at the new marksman and support that will be released. They have created a "kinetic marksman" that Riot hopes will bring a shooter feel with their auto attacks.

Meanwhile, the support seems to be built off of the idea that money is power. Additionally, Riot writes, "Technology, power, people. All can be bought when you have enough cash." The new marksmen is planned to be released early next year with the support coming out a few patches later.

Also mentioned in the notes, Riot also mentions that there are no plans currently to rework a champion completely, as they had with Udyr this year, but the company is planning on visually updating and sustaining older champions. Although the updates are purely visual, champions such as Alistar, who has not been visually updated since 2015, will be modernized and given a fresh, new look in 2022.