When is the Next MLB The Show 22 Roster Update?

Image courtesy of San Diego Studio

Roster updates are back on the regular schedule for MLB The Show 22. Roster updates typically take place every other Friday, but the last roster update had an extra week thrown in there.

As we approach the two-week mark since the last roster update, we can safely say that the updates are back on the regular schedule.

Roster updates are something that MLB The Show does periodically. Players who have been doing well since the last update will receive an attribute upgrade. Players who haven't been doing well will see their attributes decrease.

When is the Next MLB The Show 22 Roster Update?

The next roster update for MLB The Show 22 will take place this Friday, July 29. Some big names may be on the move to diamond this time around.

The last roster update saw a whopping five players go from gold to diamond. Five doesn't sound like a lot, but for roster updates, it is. Those players were Will Smith, Max Fried, Ryan Helsley, Nico Hoerner, and Sandy Alcantara.

It can be expected from here till the end of the MLB season, that roster updates will take place every other Friday. Although there was never an official reason as to why there was an extra week between the last updates, we can assume the answer why.

They did not want the roster update to take place right after the All-Star Break was over. Instead, the extra week allowed for the most playing time to occur during updates.

We will be back later this week to discuss some of those big names who we think will make the jump from gold to diamond.