When is the Next Night Market Valorant?

courtesy of Riot Games

When is the next Valorant Night Market? The last one took place June 2, but players are already hoping for another one to come soon.

You might not be familiar what the Valorant Night Market is. It is a one day pop-up store for Valorant players, similar to League of Legends' Your Shop system.

Each player is offered random cosmetic items with a discount price. Cosmetic items include gun skins, knife skins, etc. Players can also sell up to two old skins at a discounted price.

The items are chosen randomly, but higher value skins are less likely to appear. Also, if a player does not own all Premium Edition Skins, they will receive at least two of them from their Night Market list.

When is the Next Night Market Valorant?

Riot Games has not announced an official date for the next Night Market for Valorant. From the previous appearances, we can assume these markets open around once every two months or during special holidays.

The last Valorant Night Market was held on June 2, 2021. Considering this into account, we may predict another Night Market will not appear until August. However, Independence Day is just around the corner, so maybe Riot Games will be a bit generous this season.

Make sure to keep an eye on official social media accounts for Valorant such as Twitter or Instagram. Riot Games will keep you notified at least a few days before the next Valorant Night Market.