When is the Next Nintendo Direct?

When is the next Nintendo Direct? Fans of the venerable gaming company are excitedly awaiting their next presentation on upcoming projects and releases.

Previous iterations of Nintendo Direct in 2019 were presentations for indie games, Fire Emblem games, and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Various indie games have gradually expanded the Nintendo Switch's library of games, such as Hollow Knight Silk Song and Deltarune, as part of Nintendo's improvements with third-party developers in this console generation.

It is possible that more titles will be coming in the next Nintendo Direct.

When is the Next Nintendo Direct?

There is no official date for the next Nintendo Direct, but in their most recent investors briefing, Nintendo revealed that they would hold a Nintendo Direct during E3 2019.

The annual gaming convention is a common place for gaming companies to make announcements, and Nintendo commonly produce a presentation for the event.

Although no official date has been confirmed, E3 2019 conferences are taking place on Sunday June 9 and Monday June 10. It is highly probable that the Nintendo Direct presentation will take place on one of these two days.

Titles that will probably be promoted during the event are Animal Crossing Switch, Luigi's Mansion 3, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the newest Fire Emblem.

Cover image courtesy of Nintendo