When is the Next Overwatch 2 Beta?

Courtesy of Blizzard

With all the controversy around how the last beta seemed to break the whole game, from the bizarre character balance to cutting down on players per match, many are still excited for the second Overwatch 2 beta. While what new features being planned are still under high security at Blizzard, with no new trailers, photos, or leaks of new characters being announced to the public, we do have some details on when the next Overwatch 2 beta is launching. Here are all the details surrounding the launch of the next beta.

When is the Next Overwatch 2 Beta?

With the first beta out of the way, Blizzard is steaming ahead ready to launch the second. We have no new news on what features are going to be added, though based on the number of complaints from players, it's most likely going to be focused on Hero and map balances. No new words on any sort of new mode or any playable new heroes have been released, and at this point, they don't seem likely.
Currently, the company has put out a release date of June 16, less than a half month away at this point.

While the news is exciting for those who felt their favorite hero was unbalanced in the last game, there isn't much solid information out at this point. Despite this, it still looks as if the beta will be a fun and interesting test for fans.