When is the Overwatch Halloween 2021 Event?

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch's special events are consistently something to look forward to, introducing temporary game modes, challenges, and fresh cosmetics. As September nears an end and the spooky month, October, begins, fans are inquiring: when will Overwatch's 2021 Halloween event begin?

Overwatch's Halloween Terror event is always a hit and frequently introduces some of the game's best skins, among recent 2020 additions was the spectacular Dai-Tengu Hanzo.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021
Dai-Tengu Hanzo skin, introduced as part of Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2020 / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

When is the Overwatch Halloween 2021 Event?

Though no official word has come from Blizzard on when Halloween Terror 2021 will begin, Overwatch fans shouldn't expect to wait much longer.

Every single past Overwatch Halloween Terror event began three Tuesdays before Halloween and concluded within the few days after Halloween. Going off this information, an exact release date and rough end date can be predicted.

Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2021 should begin around October 12 and conclude around November 2.

It's important to know that these dates, while educated guesses, are still guesses. Nothing is confirmed until Blizzard begins to publicize the event which they will likely hold off on doing until close to the conclusion of the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

Junkerstein's Revenge Halloween Terror 2021
Junkerstein's Revenge game mode will presumably return in Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2021 / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

As always the Halloween Terror event will include a plethora of Legendary skins, new Epic skins obtainable through challenges and potentially a variety of other new Halloween-themed cosmetics including highlight intros and player icons.

One thing is all but guaranteed, the return of fan-favorite and Halloween Terror staple: Junkerstein's Revenge mode. This PvE mode releases alongside the Halloween event every year and is consistently a treat for players old and new alike.