When is the Valorant Premier Open Beta?

Riot Games

The Valorant Premier Global Open Beta was announced Apr. 17 with a release date on the horizon for those excited to dive into Valorant's new tournament playlist.

Premier is similar to League of Legends' Clash. "After our Alpha in Brazil last year, the team went back to work on Premier, taking feedback from players, and rebuilding parts of the system in order to launch in 2023. You can test some of those changes in the Beta (like scheduling, team zones, and more) and we’ll continue to improve on other areas. The beta is a great way to release a version of Premier we think players will enjoy while also giving us an opportunity to iron out any wrinkles and ensure our foundation is solid for launch," Riot Games said in the announcement and FAQ article.

Here's when players can dive into the Valorant Premier Global Open Beta.

When is the Valorant Premier Open Beta?

The Valorant Premier Open Beta runs Apr. 25 through May 23. Here are the important dates you need to know:

  • Enrollment period: Apr. 25–28
  • Weekly Matches: Apr. 29–May 20
  • Playoff Tournament: May 21

According to the FAQ article, this is just a test version of Premier before full launch. This is a shorter schedule compared to what's expected for full launch and Premier is expected to last a full Valorant Act. There will be special rewards to earn and match/team history will not carry over from beta to release.

Check out the rewards players can get during the Open Beta and how overtime differs in Premier compared to standard competitive.