When is Valorant Champions 2022?

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Wondering when VALORANT Champions 2022 is? Here's what you need to know.

With the completion of the VALORANT Regional League Finals last weekend, the stage is now set for VALORANT Champions. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, sixteen esports teams from all around the world will compete for the title of VALORANT World Champion.

VALORANT Champions is the final event of the VALORANT esports season. For the teams involved it represents the culmination of months of hard work. Although it's an honor to even make it to the last tournament of the year, only one team will emerge as the champions.

When is Valorant Champions 2022?

VALORANT Champions 2022 will run from Sept. 2 to 18, 2022.

With major changes facing the professional VALORANT landscape next year, this year's VALORANT Champions could be the last of its kind. According to the event's sponsor and VALORANT developer Riot Games, the goal of VALORANT Champions is "to see our biggest international events played in front of a live audience." Because of the popularity of VALORANT, and esports in general in Turkey, this could very well be possible.

Turkish team FUT Esports is noticeably absent from the competition, although they have done well during the Regional League Finals. Were they involved, the competition may have seen its largest live audience ever, and it still may. Best of luck to all the players and teams involved in September. We will be watching.