When to Leave Your Duo Partner in PUBG

Leaving a PUBG duo partner is hard. Here's when it's necessary.
Leaving a PUBG duo partner is hard. Here's when it's necessary. /

Success in PUBG duos is often about working hard to be a team player — communicating clearly, sharing loot and working together whenever possible.

But PUBG is also a game of cutthroat ambition. Sometimes finding a win means cutting off your teammate, leaving them for dead while you seek out the victory for yourself. This is never an easy decision, but it is sometimes a necessary one.

The first and most obvious situation in which one must abandon their teammate happens most often when playing with randoms. If your teammate jumps out of the plane before you've even had a chance to talk, you're better off cutting your losses and pretending they were never your teammate at all.

If you and your teammate survive into the mid-game, the cases for abandonment become both more specific and more fraught. If the two of you get in a fight and your partner is instantly overwhelmed with no chance of being saved, you've got to rip off the bandage and save yourself. Provided you're both dedicated to the win, the smart play will help you place better.

Finally, if you and your partner make it to the late game, with only one or two other teams left in the fight, a similar rule applies. If your teammate goes down, they instantly become a liability. Opponents can use them as bait, luring you into the open for an easy kill.

For both your sake and your partner's, you need to be ready to leave their bleeding body behind.

Whenever you leave your PUBG partner, make sure it's in the best interest of the team. After all, duo wins are shared no matter how they're earned.

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