When to Open Your FIFA 22 OTW Pre-Order Pack?

Photo by EA Sports

With Ones to Watch Team One being released, anyone who receives the Pre-Order OTW pack has a big decision to make about whether to get their player now or wait until next week.

Team Two will be released next week and should be featuring the likes of Lionel Messi and Romelu Lukaku.

When to Open Your FIFA 22 OTW Pre-Order Pack?

In the tweet above, EA Sports announced that Ones to Watch Team One is officially in packs.

When you load up FIFA 22, a OTW Pre-Order will be waiting for you if you are meant to receive one due to owning the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22.

As of right now, if you open your pack, you will receive one of the 11 players that are in Team One. Team Two is also set to be headlined by big names as well.

Fans have to make a critical choice between opening their OTW pack now or wait until Team Two and take your chances next week.

Ronaldo fans will most likely be opening their OTW packs for week one as Messi fans will wait until next week.

For me, I tend to look at the bottom line. Would I rather pack the worst player from this week or next week?

The decision is up to you and I hope we all pack Ronaldo or Messi.