When Was Phasmophobia Released?

When was Phasmophobia released: The date that changed the horror game market
When was Phasmophobia released: The date that changed the horror game market / Kinetic Games

When Phasmophobia was released is an extremely impressive date given the game's wide expanse of maps and mechanics

Kinetic Games spared no expense with their indie-developed psychological horror game, Phasmophobia. Players have the choice of five maps and can join teams of up to four players to investigate the paranormal happenings in each location. They are tasked with uncovering concrete evidence and identifying the type of creature—without it getting its hands on them.

And to think this game was only released a little over a month ago.

When Was Phasmophobia Released?

Phasmophobia was released on Steam on Sept. 18, 2020. It was Early Access only upon release with VR system support.

In a Progress Toward Release post on the Steam "Phasmophobia Events" page, developer Kinetic Games describes the systems they wish to be implemented into the game before it meets the public. All of these have made it into the full game, including VR and non-VR compatibility, Local Play support, and a leveling system.

Additionally, they mention the development of two other maps beyond the ones showcased at its announcement. These are "2 story house map with tight corridors and a large High School map" made for large groups to spread out and explore. This brings the total maps mentioned in the post to five.

Phasmophobia is available on PC via Steam for $13.99 USD. It is VR compatible but does not require a VR system to play.