When Was Reinhardt Born in Overwatch Lore?


Overwatch's lore is expansive but occasionally frustratingly sparse. Players are constantly clamoring for new details about their favorite heroes, locations and other worldbuilding elements but these are slow to arrive. Players can expect lore to be delivered in the upcoming PvE Campaign mode and Archives events, but more specific details can also be found already.

German tank hero Reinhardt is the classic main tank of Overwatch, protecting allies with his massive energy shield and smashing enemies with his powerful hammer. He's also known as a goofy grandpa and a kind of mentor figure for other heroes, like Brigitte. But just how old is he?

When Was Reinhardt Born in Overwatch Lore?

According to the Overwatch wiki, Reindardt Wilhelm is 61 years old in 2077, when Overwatch 2 takes place. This puts him as being born in 2016 - the Reinhardt of the real world would be just seven years old right now, somewhat of a strange proposition considering he's known as an old-timer in the world of Overwatch.

That's just one tidbit of Overwatch lore. Additional details can be found on in-game maps, in cinematics released by Blizzard and through gameplay interactions between heroes. Paying attention to these details reveals more information about your favorite heroes and grows Overwatch's stockpile of lore.