When Will Apex Legends Get Duo Mode?

When will Apex Legends get a duo mode? There isn't a precise answer, but there has been hints by Respawn Entertainment and data mined information pointing toward a "yes."

Here's what we know now.

When Will Apex Legends Get Duo Mode?

While Apex Legends launched with a unique three-player squad mode, the community has been asking for a solo and a duo mode. It was fun at first, but many are sick of playing with terrible teammates and would rather have an no-fill option.

Dataminer That1MiningGuy had previously noted that a ‘no-fill’ option seemed to be in the works prior to Season 2, which would have given fans an unofficial duos option. That has yet to take place, but the game did see a solo mode in the new Shadowfall LTM. Players had a taste of queueing up by themselves and it's gone well so far.

Respawn Entertainment has stated they are monitoring the idea and the community could see an option to queue up with a no-fill button. Then you could play by yourself or with a friend, however, you would be at a disadvantage versus full three-player squads.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment