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When Will Bayonetta 3 be Released?

Bayonetta 3, the newest entry in the series, is set to release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.
Bayonetta 3, the newest entry in the series, is set to release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

When will Bayonetta 3 be released?

After initially being announced during the Game Awards in 2017, footage of the upcoming action Nintendo Switch exclusive was finally unveiled during the Nintendo Direct show on Sept. 23. For those wondering when they can finally jump into the game for themselves, here's the latest on the release date information for Bayonetta 3.

When Will Bayonetta 3 Be Released?

Nearly four years after officially being announced to be on its way to the Nintendo Switch, the witch is finally set to be back sometime in 2022.

Players had been anxiously awaiting news of the title ever since its 2017 reveal trailer, but developer PlatinumGames has kept quiet on the title. This is the first we've heard about a release window for the game, even as director Hideki Kamiya said development was in its "final stretch" as recently as earlier this month.

The Bayonetta games are cult classic action titles around which the cult only grows.

When Bayonetta 3 appeared on a list of upcoming titles that leaked from an Nvidia database, fans gained a fair reason to believe the game would be released on PC. While Nvidia went on to confirm the list was legitimate, however, they also said that the list included speculative titles — that is, titles that were not confirmed for PC, or even to be in development. As a result, it's impossible to know if Bayonetta 3's appearance on the list means a PC version is coming.

As far as what's officially set to come with the upcoming title, a new-look Bayonetta is said to be returning to battle foes in the series' third installment with her signature Witch Time. This time, she’ll wield her new Demon Masquerade ability to channel the power of demons and engage in larger-than-life action.