When Will Fortnite End?

Fortnite Zero Crisis Cinematic
Fortnite Zero Crisis Cinematic / courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite and the game's sixth season of its second chapter has been out for a little over two months now. Releasing on March 16, fans of the battle royale colossus have had a nice chunk of time to explore and tame the wild animals, test the new weapons, visit the handful of new points of interests, to name a few.

Many are wondering though, when will this season officially come to an end?

When Will Fortnite End?

Currently, the most official piece of information regarding the end of Season 6 is the date the current battle pass expires, June 7, 2021.

While knowing this information helps, it only gives a window in which the season is to end, and not the exact date. The exact end date for Season 6 is something Fortnite fans may have to wait a little longer for.

Epic Games has been no stranger to extending seasons, as they did with the first few seasons of chapter two. Season 3 was originally planned to be released on May 1, but eventually got pushed back to June 4 following the announcement of extending Season 2.

It's unclear whether or not Epic will extend Season 6 or not, but keep an eye out for any official news they drop in regards to season release dates. If no news is announced on Epic's behalf, its safe to say we will see Season 6 come to an end early June.