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When Will Ghostwire: Tokyo Be Released?

Image courtesy of Tango Gameworks/Bethesda Softworks

A new trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo has given us more information on the upcoming release.

Shown as part of September's PlayStation Showcase, a new trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo gives us a deeper look into the PS5 exclusive. This latests game from Bethesda Softworks was initially due to be released later this year. The game was eventually delayed in order to ensure that the developers could put out the best possible version of the game.

In a recent blog post, Bethesda Community Manager Parker Wilhelm has said that "using the advanced hardware capabilities of the PS5, Tango Gameworks brings their vision of a haunted, modern-day Tokyo to life." Players will be facing off against ghosts ans spirits, mastering spiritual energy called Ethereal Weaving as they navigate through the Tokyo cityscape.

"Players awaken in an abandoned street crossing as Tokyo’s population disappears, without a clue as to where they’ve gone or why. There’s no time to question why you’ve been spared as otherworldly Visitors attack the city, seemingly led by a masked man known as Hannya and his acolytes."

So when will this otherworldy, neon-filled horror be released?

When Will Ghostwire: Tokyo Be Released?

Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks have scheduled the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo for 2022. As of yet, no specific date has been given for the games release.

Despite Bethesda's recent aquisition by Microsoft, Ghostwire: Tokyo will still remain a PS5 timed exclusive for the moment. There's no doubt, though, that once the exclusivity period is up the game will be made available on other platforms. It's likely that Microsoft will consider bringing it directly to Xbox Game Pass.