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When Will Madden 21 be on EA Play?

Photo Courtesy of EAAccess on Twitter

EA SPORTS Madden 21 released on August 28, 2020, and EA Play allowed members to play the game early for ten hours before having to buy the full game. EA Play is a platform created by Electronic Arts for members to have access to many of EA's top games for a monthly fee.

Previous generations of EA SPORTS Madden are available on EA Play, from Madden 15 to last years Madden 20. So when can we expect EA Play to release Madden 21 for access?

When Will Madden 21 be on EA Play?

While neither EA SPORTS Madden nor EA Play has released any status updates on this installment of Madden hitting the platform, Madden has usually been released on EA Play in late Winter. According to users on the EA Answers HQ, the game has usually hit the EA Vault halfway through its game cycle, in Madden's case around late-January to mid-February.

Based on this, we may receive news on Madden 21 hitting EA Play within the next few weeks if history stands. If you want to jump on the opportunity before the game hits the vault, head to the EA Play menu on and join now to play hundreds of classic EA titles, from older Madden games to FIFA and even UFC. You can choose your platform of choice and choose an annual plan of $29.99 per year or $4.99 per month.