When Will Minecraft Shut Down: Is it a Hoax?

When will Minecraft shut down? Not for a long time.
When will Minecraft shut down? Not for a long time. / Mojang/Microsoft

When will Minecraft shut down? Mojang and Microsoft's behemoth is at an all-time high for cultural saturation, but some fans are worried the two companies will decide to pull the plug on the block-building phenomenon. Here's what you need to know about whether those rumors are true or fake.

When Will Minecraft Shut Down?

The most recent round of rumors that Mojang and Microsoft will shutter the servers for Minecraft are founded mostly on a fake news story by a website called channel45news. Googling about Minecraft shutting down brings a portion of that story up as the featured response to the question, spreading misinformation.

Clicking through to the article itself reveals several disclaimers on the page that it is a prank. The page also offers readers the chance to make their own prank stories in a similar vein.

Bottom line: Minecraft won't shut down for a long time, and rumors to the contrary can be ignored. Neither Mojang nor Microsoft have given any indication they plan to shut down one of their most successful game projects.