Where are All the Artifacts in Fortnite?

Promo art for Fortnite's Season 7 Chapter 2
Promo art for Fortnite's Season 7 Chapter 2 / Epic Games

Where are all the artifacts in Fortnite? Season 7 of Fortnite's second season brings an alien invasion to the forefront.

What are the Alien Artifacts Used For?

One of the first skins you will pick up for the Season 7 battle pass is an alien by the name of Kymera. Using Alien Artifacts, you can customize Kymera's facial expressions, skin, and armor colors.

It seems the Alien Invasion leaks came to be true, as Season 7 went all in on the alien theme.

Where Are All the Artifacts in Fortnite?

For Week 1, there are five Alien Artifacts you can nab to customize Kymera.

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Red markers represent the locations for each Alien Artifact for Week 1 / Epic Games

ALIEN ARTIFACT #1: Go to Catty Corner, make your way to a two-story platform in the southern portion of Catty Corner. You will see the artifact on the lower level of the two-story platform.

ALIEN ARTIFACT #2: Head to the very center of the map where the giant crater is. Once here, you will see an artifact levitating above the water at the small lake at this crater.

ALIEN ARTIFACT #3: Drop at Weeping Woods and head west. The Alien Artifact is in one of the wooden buildings in the southwest corner of the POI.

ALIEN ARTIFACT #4: Head over to the POI Believer Beach, and make your way northeast. A mini-Spire will be in your sights as you go northeast, climb the Spire for your fourth artifact.

ALIEN ARTIFACT #5: Corny Complex is the final POI to nab the last artifact of Week 1. Head to the apple orchard north of Corny Complex, you will see the artifact to the right of the orchard.

More Alien Artifacts are sure to come each week, making sure players have enough to upgrade and customize Kymera to their liking!