Where Are Ferraris in Fortnite?

Where are Ferraris in Fortnite
Where are Ferraris in Fortnite / Photo courtesy by Epic Games

Players are wondering where the Ferraris are in Fortnite after Epic Games added them in a recent update.

The Ferrari 296 GTB is a 3.0 litter with twin-turbocharged V6, putting out a maximum output of 654 horsepower. The supercar dropped into Fortnite this summer for players to drive in style toward the action.

Where Are Ferraris in Fortnite?

Players can find Ferraris in two locations. The first location is Believer Beach, parked neatly in a spot outside of the hotel building on the east side of the town. The second location is Lazy Lake, with the vehicle spawning in either the gas station or car dealership. The Ferrari can hit a top speed of 117 mph, which will come in handy to complete the main challenge.

The Ferrari challenge requires players to complete a time trial race at one of the multiple locations throughout the map. Players will need to check their map/challenge menus and the location will be displayed. When arriving at the first location, players will see a white floating symbol hovering above the road. Driving through one will activate the time trial. Multiple checkpoints will appear as drivers progress through each checkpoint to reach the finish line before time runs out.