Where are the Dinosaurs in Fortnite?

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Where are the dinosaurs in Fortnite?

The dinosaur eggs have hatched after update v 16.10, many gamers have been trying to find where the dinosaurs are in Fortnite. Fortnite teased that a new apex predator would roam the Fortnite universe, and the predators are here. Turns out the dinosaurs in the eggs were raptors! There are now raptors roaming around the Fortnite universe wreaking havoc.

Now that we know what the predator is, here’s how to find them.

Where are the Dinosaurs in Fortnite?

Similar to all the other wild animals running around, the dinosaurs have no set location of spawning. However, they do tend to be found near the original eggs, so the Stealthy Stronghold and west of Misty Meadows area.

However, we will warn you that the raptors are very dangerous so be careful. Once they see you, they will emit a screech that alerts other raptors where you are. You will then need to fight off a pack of raptors.

Luckily, similar to the other animals these apex predators can be tamed, and it’s pretty simple. You tame them the exact same way that you tame any other animal. You simply kill one, take its meat, throw it near another one that’s in a pack, and while it’s eating go up to it and hit the tame option when prompted. It’s that simple.

So, if you haven’t tried out the new Fortnite update now’s your chance. Go and find you a raptor!