Where Are the Lanterns in Fortnite?

Epic Games

Fortnite's Lantern Fest is underway with Week 1 Quests requiring players to light all ten lanterns on Lantern Fest Tour.

In celebration of Ramadan, Fortnite released a Creative island, built by Illusion Creative, that features visually stunning skyscrapers, palm trees, camels, and lanterns across a desert landscape. The celebration of lights gives players a new location to explore as they complete weekly quests and challenges for rewards, ranging from cosmetics to XP.

One of the Week 1 Quests offers players 20,000 XP to "Complete Challenges at Lantern Fest Tour." An easy task to complete is lighting all the island's lanterns.

Here's a breakdown of where you can locate the ten lanterns.

Where Are the Lanterns in Fortnite?

The lanterns are inside a gray casing across different areas on the island. The exact locations are as follows:

  1. On the center platform to the right of the Challenge Board
  2. In the park east of Bounty Boulevard
  3. At the entrance of Flawless Fashion Challenge
  4. At the entrance to Slippery Slide
  5. At the entrance to Parkour Paradise
  6. Sitting on the entrance of Marvelous Maze
  7. Just right of the Slap Juice store in Cozy Court
  8. On a counter inside the Slap Juice store
  9. Next to the rule board in Race Rumble
  10. Inside the stone structure at Furious Fighters

Lantern Fest ends on Apr. 21, giving players plenty of time to complete the weekly quests.