Where do Chickens Spawn in Fortnite?

Photo via Epic Games / Fortnite

For those who have been playing Fortnite this season, you'll know that one of the Weekly Challenges is to fly with a chicken.

And yet, actually finding the chickens is the hard part.

So, where can you find chickens in Fortnite?

Where do Chickens Spawn in Fortnite?

Above, players can view a map created by @FN_Assist on Twitter of every chicken spawn location in the current season.

The map doesn't include names of the locations. While most players can figure it out, you can also view exactly what spots have the most chicken spawn rates below.

According to the map, the best places to find chickens are as follows:

1. The Daily Bugle

At The Daily Bugle, chickens can be found slightly to the north and also to the east of this location, both towards the edges of the Map.

2. Greasy Grove

At Greasy Grove, chickens can be found to the northeast and to the southwest, towards the edge of the map.

3. Camp Cuddle

At Camp Cuddle, chickens can be found near the edges of the lake next to the hill with a house on it.

4. Rocky Reels

At Rocky Reels, chickens can be found to the south and northeast close to Chonker's Speedway.

5. Chonker's Speedway

At Chonker's Speedway, chickens can be found to the northwest in between this location and Rocky Reels.