Where is Beast Boy in Fortnite?

Where is Beast Boy in Fortnite?
Where is Beast Boy in Fortnite? / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Where is Beast Boy in Fortnite? This DC superhero, perhaps best known for his affiliation with the Teen Titans, is one of three keys to the newly release Superman challenges. Players will need to hunt him, Batman, or Clark Kent down repeatedly, if they want to unlock the Superman cosmetics Epic Games revealed earlier this week. Here's where you can find Beast Boy to get started on those challenges.

Where is Beast Boy in Fortnite?

As is the case with many of Fortnite's quest-giving non-player characters, Beast Boy will wander around the map to some extent. This can make finding him somewhat tricky, especially since his speech bubble won't appear until the player is relatively close to him.

Luckily, Beast Boy doesn't roam too far from home — which, in this case, is on the bridge over the river that runs through Weeping Woods.

To accept a quest from Beast Boy, interact with him and select one of the quests he offers. You'll need to complete several to unlock all the Superman cosmetics. The payout structure is as follows:

  • One quest completed: Call to Action emoticon
  • Three quests completed: Superman Shield spray
  • Five quests completed: Clark Kent outfit

Once you've completed five quests and unlocked the Clark Kent outfit, you'll need to glide through three rings using that outfit to unlock the Daily Planet back bling, and use a phone booth wearing that outfit to unlock the built-in Secret Identity emote and Superman Cape back bling. With that emote unlocked, you'll be able to transform in to Superman in-game, or start as Superman by customizing the skin in your locker.