Where is Cassie Mendoza in The Division 2?

Where Is Cassie Mendoza The Division 2 is a question that many players want to know the answer to. Where is the secret vendor located on the map?

Where is Cassie Mendoza in The Division 2?

Cassie Mendoza is a secret vendor that appears at different locations throughout the map. To find her, you'll first need to complete a bounty offered to you by The Snitch. The Snitch also moves throughout the map, but he often hangs out near the Federal Triangle. His marker on the map is three question marks.

Once you complete The Snitch's bounty, Cassie Mendoza will appear on your map as a vendor. She sells high-end weapons and gear. If you've reached World Tier 5, she might even sell exotic items.

Keep in mind that Cassie Mendoza's location rotates every 36 hours or so. Once you've lost her, you'll need to complete another bounty from The Snitch.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Massive Entertainment