Where is Giovanni in Pokemon GO: Oct. 2021

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

It's a spooky season in Pokemon GO, and many ghostly Pokemon make their rounds around the world. Lots of fan-favorite Pokemon make their return, but where is Giovanni?

Giovanni has been a recurring figure in Pokemon since the series’ conception. As the big bad boss of Team Rocket, he’s returned in many forms after constantly being defeated by Trainers. This time around, he’s back as the boss as Team GO Rocket, though he’s been seemingly absent since Sept. 2021. Not even Super Rocket Radars can pick him up anymore. Is this a possible glitch?

Where is Giovanni in Pokemon GO: Oct. 2021

Niantic has confirmed that his absence is not a mistake. As of now, Giovanni is not planned to reappear any time soon. There is no official news from Niantic regarding any events or arcs involving his return, and speculation still runs rampant amongst players. Nobody knows where he is, when he’s coming back, and what he’s got in store for players when he returns.

Giovanni’s appearances have always been exciting for players. First off, his battle is the hardest of any GO Rocket Leader, so players enjoy the challenge he presents. Players who successfully manage to defeat him are also given the change to capture one of his Shadow Legendary Pokemon, which always makes for a neat addition to any player’s collection.

Best save those Super Rocket Radars until he makes his official return, Trainers.