Where is Halls of Valor in Dragonflight?

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is bringing back classic and fan-favorite dungeons through its Mythic Plus season of content. The first season of Mythic Plus will feature four current and four older dungeons from previous expansions. Two of the classic dungeons players can visit are from the Legion expansion including the Halls of Valor. Here is how players can return or for the first time find the Halls of Valor.

Where is Halls of Valor in Dragonflight?

The Halls of Valor can be reached in Stormheim found far east in the Broken Isles. Players first need to get to Dalaran through a portal. You can either portal to Dalaran from Valdrakken the capital in the Dragon Isles or the capital city of the faction you selected. After utilizing the portal to Dalaran players can take their mount to fly toward Stormheim.

Players will need to head to the location at coordinates [71,71] this will be the Gates of Valor. At the Gates of Valor players will notice two portals. One dark-green portal will lead players to the Trial of Valor raid while the other light-blue portal will go to the Halls of Valor dungeon. In the main room between the portals, players will find a meeting stone used to summon their friends to form a party. The blue portal to the dungeon can be found on the left side of the entrance.

2023 is set to be a packed year for World of Warcraft. Blizzard recently revealed a new roadmap for Dragonflight which includes two new seasons being added by the end of the year.