Where is Halsin in Baldur's Gate 3?

Baldur's Gate 3 has been out since August 3.
Baldur's Gate 3 has been out since August 3. / Larian Studios

You will encounter the Finding a Cure main quest while playing through Baldur's Gate 3. In it, you must figure out a way to kill the parasites that infect you and your team members. If you fail the mission, you and your teammates will suffer the terrible fate of becoming Mind Flayers. 

Rescuing Halsin is part of the Finding the Cure quest. However, his whereabouts are a common question among Baldur's Gate 3 players. The Druid leader, also known as the First Druid of Emerald Grove, will help you find a cure and can resolve the conflict between Tieflings and Druids. 

After you've visited Emerald Grove, you should have already activated the Rescuing the Druid Halsin quest. You'll learn that Halsin went missing; his location should be marked on your map. 

Halsin is being held captive at a Golblin Camp far west of Druid's Grove. Starting from Emerald Grove, you must make a long journey toward the camp. Use your minimap that clearly shows the way. 

Where is Halsin in Baldur's Gate 3?

You eventually have to make your way through Blighted Village. Many goblins will be waiting for you once you reach your destination. You can defeat, talk to, or avoid them altogether. If your level isn't very high, try sneaking past the goblins. 

After passing the village, venture to the northwest to finally get to the Goblin Camp waypoint. You can reach Halsin's cell by going to the camp courtyard first. You'll have to travel southwest to get there. To get to the Shattered Sanctum, go north. Walk past the ogre guarding the large doors using persuasive dialogue, and you'll be in.

Walk straight ahead until you reach the large throne, turn right, and cross the bridge. Then, turn to the left and walk until you see the Worg Pens. Once you go down the stairs, you'll see goblin children tormenting Halsin while he's in bear form. You can fight the goblins, let the goblins torture Halsin, or make them free the bear.

If you want the Druid's help, you must save him and kill three enemy leaders: Dror Gagzlin, Minthara, and Priestess Gut. After that, return to Halsin and talk to him. He'll go back to the grove, where you can continue the mission.