Where is Kame House in Fortnite?

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Dragon Ball's iconic Kame House out there somewhere on the Fortnite Battle Island. Here's where to find it.

Players exploring the island now, especially now that the new Dragon Ball Z collaboration is up and running, might run into some familiar structures from the well-known anime and manga series. More specifically, Kame House.

Kame House has appeared throughout the franchise as a hideout, meeting place, and training center by various characters, as well as being the permanent residence of Master Roshi. On the Fortnite Island, it serves as more than just a sightseeing location. YouTuber EveryDay FN pays a quick visit in their video below.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball: Kame House Location

According to a press release by Epic Games, Kame House lies "on a very small island off the coast of the mainland Island." It also serves as the hangout spot for Bulma, who provides players with "some very powerful items" in exchange for gold bars.

Those items are the Kamehameha energy attack, and the Nimbus Cloud. They can be purchased from Bulma for 250 gold bars. Players can use the devestating Kamehameha attack to do some serious damage to opposing players.As for the Nimbus Cloud, this item allows players to zip around the island.