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Where is the Arbiter in Halo Infinite?

Pre-released image of Thel 'Vadam in Halo 2 Anniversary.
Pre-released image of Thel 'Vadam in Halo 2 Anniversary. / Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Halo fans have been wondering: where is the Arbiter in Halo Infinite?

A fan favorite character has been the topic on a lot of players' minds lately. The Arbiter, or more specifically Thel 'Vadam, has been a frequent addition in mulitple Halo entries and became an important aspect of Halo lore. He was added as a playable character in both Halo 2 and Halo 3, giving a greater pespective to the conflict between the UNSC and the Covenant.

The Arbiter, however, appears to be missing in Halo Infinite as we once knew him. But, with Halo known for its variety of easter eggs, it seems he hasn't been completely forgotten in this latest entry.

Where to Find the Arbiter Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

One Reddit user, named Lord_Greedyy, took to the forum site to post that they had found an easter egg of the Arbiter. The little nod to the popular character is in the form of a small purple plushie, with silver armor covering it. While he might not look exactly as you remember him, its still a nice little reference to the Halo games of yore.

To find the easter egg yourself, head to the north of the map and look for a cave. You can find the plushie laying on a rock. The Arbiter isn't the only plushie to be found; many more have been scattered around the game's open world map so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. The plushies don't seem to do anything in particular, rather they just simply exist for fun.

Halo Infinite is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.