Where is the BFG in Rage 2?

Where is the BFG in Rage 2? The BFG 9000 is a powerful laser weapon from the DOOM franchise and it is arguable the strongest weapon in Rage 2. But there is a catch to how you can obtain this weapon, and it might not be kind to your wallet.

Where is the BFG in Rage 2?

The most important thing to note is that as of this moment, the BFG is a premium gun only available to those who purchased the Deluxe or Collectors Edition of the game. In other words, one must pay an extra $20-$60 more just to get the BFG, depending on which edition you purchase. Perhaps the gun will be, and should be, more readily available to all players in the future.

Even after you purchase one of these special editions, you must actually go find the gun in the game. Not long after you complete the tutorial, watch the sky for a large red meteorite that crashes in one of the hillsides North of Vineland. It is at the second three way intersection on the right. Find the meteorite's crash spot to find the BFG inside. Be careful when you do use this powerful weapon: it only holds 7 rounds and extra shots cost $1,000 a pop.

Published by Bethesda, Rage 2 is the follow up to the 2011 post-apocalyptic first person shooter Rage. It is similar to the movie Mad Max 2 and video game series Fallout and Borderlands. Unlike the previous title, Rage 2 includes character customization. However, the game still has mixed reviews, likely because of bugs.

Photo courtesy of Avalanche Studios and Bethesda Softworks