Where is the Jumpman Zone in Fortnite?

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Looking for the Jumpman Zone in Fortnite? Here's what you need to know.

Epic Games' latest Fortnite collaboration sees the return of Air Jordan, this time bringing in some cosmetics themed around the the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey sneakers. This will no doubt be a popular collaboration, especially when you won't need to spend a single V-Buck to get your hands on some of the rewards. While players can purchase the some Outfits and Back Bling in the Cool Grey Bundle via the Item Shop, a bunch of rewards are up for grabs by checking out the Jumpman Zone.

But where, exactly, is the Jumpman Zone? And how to do access it?

Where is the Jumpman Zone in Fortnite?

Players who are only familiar with the Battle Royale aspect of Fortnite might be wondering where to find the Jumpman Zone. It's not a space on the main island map so, to get there, just follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Game Mode in the Fortnite lobby.
  2. If playing on console, press the button that changes the game type (eg. Solos, Duos)
  3. Navigate to "Island Code" in the top left corner.
  4. Enter island code 5519-3138-2454 to load the island.

The Jumpman Zone, made by Enigma and Dummblond from Paradox Buildcreators, features six portals which will take you on a scavenger hunt to find the iconic sneakers. After that, you'll unlock some special rooms to check out:

  • The Museum: where you can hang out and enjoy the ambiance while taking a trip down memory lane.
  • The Basketball Court: test your abilities and have you doing trickshots like the pros. Hang out with your squad and get some hoop time in. 
  • The Video Room: immersive video showcasing the Air Jordan XI "Cool Grey."

The Jumpman Zone will continue to be available for unlocking the Outfit Styles after Dec.11, at 7 p.m. ET. Players can access the experience after this time by inputting the code: 5519-3138-2454.