Where is The Quarry Lost Sector?

Photo courtesy of Bungie

Lost Sectors were introduced in Destiny 2 as fun little adventures spread out around maps. They were low difficulty and allowed players to do a little exploring for some low-level rewards. But in the Beyond Light expansion, Legend Lost Sectors were introduced. These were more challenging than the originals rewarding players with better loot.

Each day, however, the Legend Lost Sector rotates.

Where is The Quarry Lost Sector?

The Quarry is a Lost Sector in the EDZ north of Firebase Hades. It's on the western portion of the map. Players can actually spawn at the Sunken Isles, giving them a direct access to the Lost Sector. It should show up on your map, but head straight toward the large hill and the entrance is on the other side.

The Quarry Lost Sector Loot

  • The Path of Burning Steps: Titan Exotic Leg Armor
  • Radiant Dance Machines: Hunter Exotic Leg Armor
  • Star-Eater Scales: Hunter Exotic Leg Armor
  • Boots of the Assembler: Warlock Exotic Leg Armor
  • Rain of Fire: Warlock Exotic Leg Armor
  • Secant Filaments: Warlock Exotic Leg Armor