Where is The Red Mile in Starfield?

An adventure with over 1000 planets to explore
An adventure with over 1000 planets to explore / Bethesda Game Studios

With over 1,000 planets strewn across different star systems, Starfield has plenty of room for exploration. Players can pour several hours into it. According to Howlongtobeat, completionists take about 169 hours to finish the space RPG. 

People invest a lot of time in the game because there’s much to discover. The Red Mile is one of the many places to visit, and getting to it is pretty simple. 

Where is The Red Mile in Starfield?

The Red Mile is on the planet known as Prrima III, which is in the Porrima Star System.

First, access the galaxy map and look for the Porrima System, which is slightly southwest of the Kryx System. Then, grav jump to Porrima. 

Look for Porrima III once in the Porrima System. It’s the planet that has blue and white swirls. The Porrima III’s map should show The Red Mile. Select the hotel to travel to it. Sati Chandra is the person to talk to if you need to rent a room. She’ll be standing at the bar.

You can also participate in the Red Mile Race, sell contraband, buy items, and pay for ship services at The Red Mile.

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