Where is the Robot Factory in Fortnite? Players are searching for the location in their quests to collect Fortbyte 52. Unfortunately for those players, the location is one of the few to appear in a Fortbyte challenge and not also be a named location on the map. Here's where to find the Robot Factory.

Where is the Robot Factory in Fortnite?

Fortbyte 52 is described in Fortnite as being "accessible with a Bot Spray inside a Robot Factory." Accordingly, the first step to collecting the Fortbyte is to equip the Bot Spray, which is made available to players once they reach tier 85 of the Season 9 Battle Pass.

With the Bot Spray equipped, aim to land at Pressure Plant — the named location that's taken the place of the volcano. Once inside, travel to the east side of the plant. You'll find the Fortbyte southeast of the yellow hanger doors on the ground, up against the wall of the volcano.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games