Where is the Soccer Pitch in Fortnite?

The Fortnite soccer pitch is a popular area on the island.
The Fortnite soccer pitch is a popular area on the island. / Photo by Epic Games

Where is the soccer pitch in Fortnite is a question players might have if they're trying to complete a certain challenge.

Epic Games included a soccer pitch in Chapter 1 Season 2 and has been a useful place for players more than just looting.

The soccer pitch started as an indoor arena in the point of interest, The Stadium. It has been part of Fortnite for many seasons with players enjoying a kick-a-round instead of shooting. With the latest update, Chapter 2, Season 3, it has changed to an outdoor stadium.

Where is the Soccer Pitch in Fortnite?

The soccer pitch in Fortnite that was inside the Stadium has changed locations for the first time in the map's history.


  • Pleasant Park

It replaces the football field that has been in Fortnite for multiple seasons. It is located in the middle of Pleasant Park. On the map, players can easily see an outline of the field when zoomed in.

The ball is most likely sitting in the middle of the soccer pitch, unless already kicked away. Players can kick the ball by running into it and a celebration occurs when the ball enters the goal. The scoreboard will also change a player scores.

For Season 3 Week 2 challenges, a player will need to score a goal at the soccer pitch in Pleasant Park. A rather easy challenge when no one is around.

With new map changes in Chapter 2 Season 3 and new challenges, the soccer pitch will be even more popular than ever. Beware of opponents when completing the mission, some might go in for the kill, while some might just want to kick the ball.