Where to Build and Destroy Sandcastles in Fortnite Season 6

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Where to build and destroy sandcastles in Fortnite Season 6 is needed information for those completing the weekly challenges.

As Fortnite Season 6 begins to draw to a close, two of the weekly challenges of Week 10 require the player to build and destroy sandcastles. Here's a guide on how to complete these two epic quests.

Where to Build Sandcastles in Fortnite Season 6

Go to various beaches to build sandcastles. Some locations you can consider include the beach to the northeast of Dirty Docks, and the beach outside Rainbow Rentals.

Once you arrive at the beach, look for the glowing outline of a sandcastle. These mark locations where you can build sandcastles. Approach them and hold "build," and your sandcastle will be made. Do this three times to complete the challenge.

Where to Destroy Sandcastles in Fortnite Season 6

Again, you'll want to visit beaches to destroy sandcastles. One good location to do so is the beach in the southwest corner of the map, south of Flush Factory and across from the female Oros island. Once you arrive at the beach, look for a green tent. Three sandcastles should be located around the tent, so just walk up to them and hold "destroy".

Another good location to find sandcastles is the beach north of Craggy Cliffs. There, you'll find three sandcastles surrounding the green parasols near the coast. Destroy the sandcastles, and you'll have completed the challenge.

Finishing both these epic quests will reward you with a total of 48,000 XP, so be sure to head to the beaches if you're looking to finish your battle pass before the season ends.