Where to Buy PlayStation Gift Cards


Want to buy PlayStation gift cards this holiday season? Here's where to start looking.

Buying gifts for gamers can be a tricky task. It's hard to know which accessory is a sound investment or which game the recipient might already have. Thankfully, gift cards can take some of the pain away from gift hunting, and PlayStation has plenty of options no matter your budget.

PlayStation funds can be used towards any purchase on the system's digital store, including a PlayStation Plus subscription. Some gift cards will be available as physical cards, while others will be emailed over as a code.

Where to Buy PlayStation Gift Cards

Most general retailers will have PlayStation Store gift cards available to buy, depending on how much you're looking to spend. You can find gift cards at the following:

When buying online, most gift cards will be sent as digital codes, which can then be redeemed through a PlayStation account via the console.