Where to Destroy Haunted Furniture in Fortnite

Where to Destroy Haunted Furniture in Fortnite
Where to Destroy Haunted Furniture in Fortnite / Epic Games

Epic Games recently began their Fortnitemares event, making the Fortnite island Halloween-themed for a limted time. One big challenge players will be looking to complete is destroying haunted furniture.

Fortnitemares brings in different quests to the game and a new enemy threat residing at the Grim Gables house. There are a lot of cool features included in this patch that will only be here for a limited time. One big quest has to do with destroying haunted furniture within the game.

Where to Destroy Haunted Furniture in Fortnite

Haunted furniture can be found at a few different locations on the map. It will be within buildings, most likely houses. Three great places to look would be Greasy Grove, Sleepy Sound, or Tilted Towers, as all three have plenty of buildings to search.

Haunted furniture will be easy to spot when you see it. The furniture is floating off the ground and looks haunted, but when it doubt destroy it. You do not need to use a particular weapon or pickaxe to destroy the furniture, which means you can even spray an entire building with shots from your weapon to try and destroy some extra furniture.

The haunted furniture can appear as any type of furniture, like a bookcase, chair or even a stool. One destination that definitely will have some haunted pieces of furniture would be Grim Gables. But given that this location is currently a hot spot, the other three areas are safer to explore.