Where to Dunk the Basketball in Stray

Players are looking to make some sweet dunks in Stray.
Players are looking to make some sweet dunks in Stray. / Annapurna Interactive, Blue Twelve

Players are looking to make some sweet dunks in Stray.

The game has been praised for the multitude of things you can do as a cat that keep in mind the main selling point of the game — simply being a cat. Bumping into objects and pushing things over is, of course, a crucial part of the feline experience. Stray takes this to a whole new level and praises its players for it by allowing them to play a bit of basketball.

Here's how to dunk a basketball in Stray.

How to Dunk the Basketball in Stray

The basketball set up can be found to the right of the Guardian in the Slums. After turning right, players should notice a ramp with a basketball placed precariously at the top and a bin at the very bottom. These are the two elements needed to perform the move.

There actual process is pretty self-explanatory but, for those still confused or concerned about only having one shot to do it, here's some steps to follow:

  1. Climb up to the top of the ramp without going near the ball as not to accidentally knock it off.
  2. Approach the basketball.
  3. Note the placement of the bin.
  4. Using the interaction button, gently bat the ball over the edge so that it falls directly into the bin.

That's all there is to it! As stated above, players will only get one shot to do this, so they should do what they can to make it count. If the ball doesn't land in the basket, players should quit the game and reload it as the game's automatic quicksave mechanic will save it if any other progress is made.