Where to Find a Worker Helmet in Stray

Image courtesy of BlueTwelve Studio

With Stray now out in the wild many players have been encountering some of the game's many puzzles. Here's where to find the Worker Helmet in Stray.

In Stray, players are given the unique opportunity to play as an adorable ginger cat. Having found itself stranded in strange cybercity, inhabited only by droids, the cat and its little drone companion must uncover the mystery surrounding the world and find a way home.

With a focus on exploration and discovery, there's plenty of puzzles to work your way through in Stray. Once such hurdle tasks players with finding a Worker Helmet. Here's what you need to know.

Where to Find a Worker Helmet in Stray

In Chapter 10, you'll meet a character called Blazer who asks for a Worker Vest and Helmet to sneak into the Factory.

To find the helmet, you'll need to head to the bar which can be seen with a neon red sign on the wall out front. Head to the back of the bar where you'll find a sleeping droid. You'll need to climb up the shelves above him where you'll spot a crate of beer bottles.

Interact with the crate to push it onto the sleeping droid. This will cause him to wake up. Follow him out of the bar to the hat shop, where he and a co-worker will begin to load boxes into the store. Hide in a box and let yourself be carried into the shop before jumping out. Once inside, take the Worker Helmet from the front window.

If you try to enter the shop in any other way, you'll be quickly shooed out by the shopkeeper.

Stray is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.