Where to Find All Stray Memory Locations

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In the video game Stray, you will meet your robot companion in the opening chapter B12. The robot is an essential ally if you want to return to your cat family. An issue you phase is the fact that all of the robot's memories are missing and you need to find 27 Stray Memory collectibles.

The memories can be hard to spot, so here is a quick guide on where to find them so you can return to your family.

Where to Find All Stray Memory Locations

You will encounter all five Core Memories in the normal story progression of Stray.

  1. Memory 1 - After you meet b12 in The Flat, you will pick up your first Core Memory.
  2. Memory 2 - Once you climb the tower in the Rooftops, you'll pick your second Core Memory.
  3. Memory 3 - As soon as you reach Antvillage, you will find your third Core Memory.
  4. Memory 4 - After you reach the subway station in Midtown, you will pick up the fourth Core Memory.
  5. Memory 5 - After you enter the Control Room, you will pick up the fifth Core Memory


The slums is the first chapter where you can explore on your own to find the seven memories. Make sure to collect all seven memories before you move on to chapter five. If you accidentally do so, you can collect the remaining memories in chapter six.

  1. Memory 6 - Memory six is behind the circular sign on a building with a red roof. The building is immediate to the right if you are looking at the Guardian.
  2. Memory 7 - You will need three energy drink cans to purchase it, memory seven is hidden as the mysterious item that Azooz is selling at his stall.
  3. Memory 8 - Memory eight is in the bar, on the second floor, sitting in a bowl of ramen. To get to the bar, look at the Guardian and do a 180 and walk forward. The bar is the building with the red neon sign on your left. Walk in the door and take the stairs up to find the bowl.
  4. Memory 9 -Follow the main story objective until you both introduce yourself to Momo. Walk behind the robot into their bedroom and you will see a poster on the wall. Interact with the poster to earn the Memory.
  5. Memory 10 - Backtrack to the area where you first entered The Slums from chapter three. When you reach the dead end, turn and follow the path. Take the first left and you will come across a wall that says "RIP Humans." Interact with the wall to grab the memory.
  6. Memory 11 - Memory 11 is near Morusque, the guitarist who needs you to find hisSheet Music. From the Guardian, turn left toward Morusque, but before you reach him, turn left again. You’ll see a wall filled with air conditioners. Climb the wall and you’ll find the memory on a robot painting.
  7. Memory 12 - Memory 12 is in Elliot’s repair shop. Follow the signs in The Slums to reach the shop (you’re looking for a red door covered in writing and posters). Scratch on the door and a robot will let you in. Slink past the robot and go up the stairs. In the corner, by the toilet, you’ll find a small potted tree. Interact with to get the memory.


Once you have collected all the notebooks for Momo in The Slums, you will be sent to the Rooftop for a quest. There are two optional memories in this chapter that you can find during your adventure.

  1. Memory 13 - Before you reach the tower, you’ll need to do some creative platforming by jumping onto swinging rods. On your way up, you’ll see a red sign sitting on one of the rooftops. Ignore the platforming puzzle temporarily and collect Memory 13 from the sign.
  2. Memory 14 - Once you’re in the tower you’ll start getting chased by Zurks. One floor will have a puzzle with a gate and a rolling drum. Instead of doing the puzzle, run to the dead end of the floor, which is covered in Zurk goop. Jump over the metal blockade and collect Memory 14 from the Neco Corporation sign.


Once you help out the folks in The Slums, you’ll get sent to find Seamus’ dad and one of The Outsiders, Doc. While you’re looking for him and the weapon he built, you’ll come across three optional Memories.

  1. Memory 15 - As soon as you leave Seamus and walk into the chapter, look left. You’ll see a metal door. Walk up to it and grab Memory 15.
  2. Memory 16 - Memory 16 comes shortly after 15. While walking to find Doc, follow the path until you can either go left or walk straight into a chain-link fence. Walk forward and you’ll see that the bottom right of the fence is curled up, leaving enough room for you. Walk through and turn right. You’ll see a dead robot sitting against a wall. Inspect it to collect the Memory.
  3. Memory 17 - Proceed through the chapter until you meet Doc, who is hanging out in a makeshift house. Before you help him with the generator, look around his office and you’ll see a mannequin with a bucket on its head. Inspect it to collect Memory 17.


Once you’ve reunited Doc and Seamus, it will be time to head into The Sewers with Momo. There’s a short boat ride to start the chapter, but there are no memories until after you leave Momo behind.

  1. Memory 18 - After you leave Momo, you’ll come across some pods of sleeping Zurks. Follow the path and look to your left. Eventually, you’ll find a small alley covered in Zurks. Zap them with your new light weapon and walk down their alley. Jump into the pipe on the wall and follow the tunnel.
  2. Memory 19 - In The Sewers, you’ll eventually come up on a room filled with walls that have eyes on them. The eyes will send a bunch of Zurk after you and you’ll need to run for it. As soon as you’re safe — standing on a single, large pipe — turn left instead of right. You’ll meet what seems like a dead end, but look to the left again and jump onto a small pipe. Follow this path until you reach an (uninhabited) Zurk nest.


Once you escape the Zurk for the final time, you’ll end up in a cute little village filled with nature and robots. There is only one memory in this chapter, and it’s relatively close to the beginning.

  1. Memory 20 - Walk around the big cylinder until you see a tree branch jutting off next to a ladder. Go past the ladder and you’ll find Isaac lounging on a couch next to some lamps. The Memory is attached to the white graffiti on the wall in this area. Inspect it to pick up Memory 20.


Midtown is the final open area in Stray. While it does house a few side objectives and optional items to collect, your time spent here will mostly be focused on solving non-optional puzzles. There are six optional Memories in this chapter.

  1. Memory 21 - After getting Core Memory four, leave the subway up the escalator. Before moving into Midtown proper, look to your right and you’ll see a robot sitting in a blanket next to a small library. Walk over and inspect the books for Memory 21.
  2. Memory 22 - You can grab Memory 22 shortly after walking up the stairs into Midtown. Turn right at the alley just before the Nightclub. At the back, you’ll find a robot with a cone on its head, sweeping the ground. Climb up the platforms in this area and move to the back-right corner (follow the large and thin rusted pipes). You’ll eventually find a small lounging area and the Memory.
  3. Memory 23 - Memory 23 is hidden in the barbershop, which is near the giant hologram in the middle of Midtown. Get into the shop and climb the shelves on the left side of the room. At the top, you’ll see a narrow gap that you can leap into. You’ll find the Memory hidden in this tiny area.
  4. Memory 24
    - Walk to the middle of Midtown (the giant hologram). Look for a building with a yellow neon sign and what looks like a food counter. Go inside. Climb onto the counter and then the wall with the neon sign. Look up at the cracked ceiling tiles and jump. You’ll find the Memory in the ceiling.
  5. Memory 25 - First, you’ll need to follow the main path until you exit the factory with the battery.
    When you get back to town, the police will have set up shop in front of the apartments. Go to the hologram in the middle of town and look for the police station, which should only be a few feet away (the entire building is yellow). Walk inside the now-opened door and inspect the painting of a Sentinel to pick up the Memory.
  6. Memory 26 - Once you’ve reached the point in the story where you go inside, head to the bar and jump onto the back counter. You’ll see a small elevator next to the sink with all the dirty dishes. Stand on the lift and it will eventually sink into the counter. When you reach the bottom of the lift, walk into the dark room and you’ll see the Memory.


Jail is a relatively short, stealth-focused chapter. During your escape, you’ll come across the final Memory.

  1. Memory 27 - Once you’ve rescued both Clementine and B12, you’ll need to escape some patrolling Sentinels by trapping them in cells. You’ll need to do this a few times to cross the green courtyard and progress the story. After you trap the first Sentinel, Clementine will move forward and unlock a gate for you. Walk inside and turn right. You’ll see a dead robot leaning against a garbage can. Inspect the robot to pick up Memory 27.