Where to Find and Throw an Ice Cream Cone in Fortnite

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite's No Sweat Summer is in full swing, with a new daily task emerging for players to grab some exclusive rewards. This time, players need to find and throw an Ice Cream Cone at three different locations.

No Sweat Summer is at its half way mark. This year, players have been given the chance to complete some themed tasks to earn themselves some summer-themed rewards. Ranging from Back Bling to Emotes to Gliders, anyone looking to rep the No Sweat Insurance swag will need to complete this year's quests.

One such quest tasks players with locating Ice Cream Cones and throwing them at three diferent named locations. Here's what you need to know.

Ice Cream Cone Locations in Fortnite

Finding an Ice Cream Cone shouldn't be a difficult task. There are plenty of varieties to stumble across throughout the island, each with their own special effects. The best places to find Ice Cream Cones is in Ice Boxes outside certain buildings, and in Coolers scattered across the island.

Gas Stations, Fishing Spots, and Lake areas offer great chances to find Ice Boxes and Coolers.

Where to Throw Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite

Knowing where to throw the Ice Cream Cones is the second hurdle with this challenge. Luckily, it shouldn't take very long to do. Simply head to three named locations across the map, equip the cone, aim and throw it to the ground or at another player.

It doesn't matter which Ice Cream Cone you use. Any of the five available varieties will help you complete the quest.