Where to Find Baby Groot Fortnite

Where to Find Baby Groot in Fortnite Season 4
Where to Find Baby Groot in Fortnite Season 4 / Epic Games

Finding Baby Groot in Fortnite can earn you a fancy new back bling of the beloved Guardians of the Galaxy character.

Fortnite's Season 4 is serving an incredible amount of Marvel skins and cosmetics for fans. From Thor to Iron Man and every hero in between, players have the opportunity to get their hands on the visuals and abilities of their favorite comic book characters. Among these is the favored nature-based Guardian of the Galaxy: Groot. Both adult and Baby Groot are available in-game as separate items.

It should be noted that players will need the adult Groot skin unlocked first. Otherwise, baby Groot will not spawn for them.

Where to Find Baby Groot Fortnite

Players can find Baby Groot by searching through Holly Hedges. They can find this location on the left side of the map, north of the Fortilla and northwest of the Weeping Woods. They'll need to get to the Garden Center within the Hedges to find baby Groot.

The Garden Center is the main area where baby Groot is located. In the south corner of the store there should be three sets of potted trees on the ground. Baby Groot is located in the smallest of these pots. Upon finding him, he'll be added to your locker for the rest of the match.