Where to Find Birthday Presents in Fortnite

Courtesy of Epic Games

In light of Fortnite's fifth birthday, players have the chance to unlock exclusive rewards for completing limited-time quests. From Sept. 23 to Sept. 27, birthday presents will be scattered throughout the map as a part of their in-game celebration.

Fortnite began celebrating its birthday back in 2018. Along with birthday quests, the Battle Bus will also be in theme with a new birthday paint job. This year's celebration is taking place during the third chapter of Fortnite's fourth season.

The birthday present challenge consists of finding the presents as floor loot and throwing them. The present will land and increase in size drastically. After destroying one of its sides with a melee weapon, it will unlock legendary loot for players to use in-game. Additionally, after completing this five times, players will unlock a Sparklecake Emoticon. Read on for some tips on finding these presents for their limited-time reward.

Where to Find Birthday Presents in Fortnite

The hardest part of the challenge is finding the presents. Unfortunately, they are not consistently placed in the same location each match, but at the start of the round, an abundance of presents are scattered throughout the map as floor loot. However, they have been most commonly spotted in Sleepy Sound or the Tilted Towers. The presents are marked as Legendary items and are also glowing yellow, so they are not hard to miss.