Where to Find Bitter Leaf in Horizon Forbidden West

Image courtesy of Guerrilla Games

Gamers are looking for where to find Bitter Leaf in Horizon Forbidden West.

Bitter Leaf is a fairly common food source that is used for buying food from cooks in Settlements. The cook will usually give side quests, which must be completed before unlocking the ability to obtain food. By supplying the cooking materials to the cook, the food will provide useful buffs that will come in handy for new adventures with Aloy.

Now that players know what the Bitter Leaf is, here's where to find it.

Where to Find Bitter Leaf in Horizon Forbidden West

Harvested from the Bitter Leaf plant, the Bitter Leaf is typically found growing in rocky regions of the Daunt and No Man's Land.

This plant is easy to spot due to its tall height and vibrant green color. It should stand out among its area that consists of strong red-orange hues. If gamers are still struggling to spot the plant, they should make sure to check near the edge of cliffs and other rocky terrains.

While searching for the plant takes some time, collecting it should take no more than a second. With tons of resources and materials to use for crafting and selling, players will not be getting disinterested with this game any time soon.